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  • Published: February 16, 2022

    As you are aware the COVID-19 global pandemic as declared by the World Health Organisation (WHO) in March 2020, has posed serious challenges for the operations of CAAM-HP and medical schools in the region. CAAM-HP was forced to postpone several site visits which were scheduled for 2020/2021.

  • Published: December 9, 2021

    At its December 2021 meeting, the USMLE Management Committee conducted a review of the USMLE Step 1 passing standard and decided that a two-point increase in the passing standard - used to determine a Pass or Fail outcome - will apply to Step 1 examinees testing on or after January 26, 2022. On the current three-digit score scale, the 2022 passing standard will change from 194 to 196.

  • Published: November 12, 2021

    The public is hereby advised that Xavier University School of Medicine in Aruba, having withdrawn from CAAM-HP in February 2020

  • Published: September 17, 2021

    CAAM-HP was granted WFME Recognition for a ten-year term, May 2012 - May 2022.

  • Published: January 26, 2021

    The Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB) and NBME, co-sponsors of the United States Medical Licensing Examination® (USMLE®), are today announcing the discontinuation of work to relaunch a modified Step 2 Clinical Skills examination (Step 2 CS)

  • Published: January 1, 2021

    The Caribbean Accreditation Authority for Education in Medicine and Other Health Professions extends warmest wishes to all its stakeholders for a healthy and rewarding new year. 2020 was for everyone worldwide, a very challenging year.

  • Published: December 9, 2020

    CAAM-HP understands that schools are anxious about a site visit and it is just as keen about undertaking these visits.

  • Published: September 19, 2020

    Over time, the CAAM-HP Secretariat has received a number of complaints from students of (in particular) offshore medical schools in the Caribbean

  • Published: September 1, 2020

    AFMC has finalized the 2021 R-1 Match Timeline. Match Day will be April 20, 2021

  • Published: July 31, 2020

    ECFMG®|FAIMER® has established five pathways that will allow qualified international medical graduates (IMGs) who have not passed Step 2 Clinical Skills (CS) of the United States Medical Licensing Examination® (USMLE®) to meet the requirements for ECFMG Certification. These pathways are available to eligible IMGs who plan to enter U.S. graduate medical education (GME) for the 2021-2022 academic year.


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