Caribbean Accreditation Authority for Education in Medicine and Other Health Professions


CAAM-HP Advisory

Over time, the CAAM-HP Secretariat has received a number of complaints from students of (in particular) offshore medical schools in the Caribbean. The CAAM-HP Procedures for handling complaints is outlined as follows:

“The CAAM-HP Secretariat will make an initial determination of whether the complaint contains issues relating to the programme’s compliance with accreditation standards. If the CAAM-HP Secretariat determines that the complaint does raise such issues, the Secretariat will contact the dean, including the letter of complaint and corroborating information, and citing the information that the dean should provide in response. A response from the dean will ordinarily be requested within four weeks. The initial letter of complaint, including the corroborating materials, and the response from the dean will be reviewed by an ad hoc subcommittee on Complaints that is appointed by the Secretariat in consultation with the Chair.”

Read more in Procedures of the CAAM-HP, Appendix I at

While CAAM-HP is deeply concerned about the interest of students, the Authority must advise that its policies do not allow for investigation of individual complaints and would suggest that students make use of the channels available to them within their institutions, whether through the relevant dean or student body. At the same time, the Authority also strongly urges schools to take very seriously complaints made by students and address them adequately and in a timely manner. The Authority also advises that where necessary, the complaints will be shared with site visitors so that issues can be probed during the meetings with students.